Real Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

We are experts on hair extensions. This is why we only offer 100% real human hair in the highest quality. We set very high quality standards and expectations on our hair and other products because quality is the key for thick and beautiful hair. Real human hair makes it possible to straighten, curl and style to your own taste.

Though it is important to take good care of your hair extensions, just like you would with your own hair. This will make the hair last longer. What kind of hair extensions are for you then? Clip-ins, nail hair or tape hair? Underneath you will find more information about choosing the right extension for you. We at Chloe’s only sell Clip-in hair extensions at the moment but will have other variants soon in stock. Stay tuned!

Chloe’s Clip-in hair extensions

We have 27 different clip-in hair extension colours in stock. Therefore you can be certain to find your perfect hair colour in our shop. Clip in hair extensions are the perfect pick if you want to take the extensions off when showering, sleeping och working out perhaps. These extensions will not exert your hair as much as other extensions because they are so easy to remove and put back again. At the same time this will increase the lifespan of the extensions because you choose when to use them and when not. Chloe’s hair guide will give you additional information and video tutorials on how to attach your clip-in hair extensions.

Chloe's Nail hair

Chloe’s nail hair extensions are attached to your natural hair with keratin wax and heat treatment. This attachment method secures that the nail hair extensions are firmly attached to your own hair, even if you are working out or showering. Attach the extensions in very small batches to get the best result. For that perfect look we recommend that you choose nail hair extensions in different tones so that you can change colours when attaching them. This method is perfect for you who want both to go to bed and wake up with beautiful and thick hair without having to hassle too much. We recommend that you braid your hair when sleeping or working out to avoid messing up your hair. This will maintain quality and prolong the extensions for you.

Chloe's Tape Hair

Chloe’s tape extensions uses tape as an attachment method as the name implies. This almost invisible tape is attached to your natural hair root. The method is suitable for all hair types and especially for those with thinner hair because it blends perfectly into your own hair. Tape extensions are perfect if you have had problems to hide clip-ins or other extensions in your own hair. As well as with other extensions we recommend that you braid the hair when sleeping, working out or showering, just to avoid messiness and to maintain beautiful hair for a longer time.

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