Nail Hair Extensions

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  1. Black Night #1
    Black Night #1
    As low as €23.99
  2. Broken Black #1b
    Broken Black #1b
    As low as €23.99
  3. Dark Cocoa #2
    Dark Cocoa #2
    As low as €23.99
  4. Juicy Chocolate #3
    Juicy Chocolate #3
    As low as €23.99
  5. Full Brown #4
    Full Brown #4
    As low as €23.99
  6. Dark Golden Brown Mix #p2/6
  7. Auburn Energy #33
    Auburn Energy #33
    As low as €35.99
  8. Soft Brown #6
    Soft Brown #6
    As low as €23.99
  9. Blonde Mix #p27/613
    Blonde Mix #p27/613
    As low as €28.99
  10. Scandinavian Blond Mix #p18/60
  11. Ash Brown #14
    Ash Brown #14
    As low as €23.99
  12. Summer Blonde Mix #p24/60
  13. Blonde Star #613
    Blonde Star #613
    As low as €23.99
  14. Ash Blonde #60
    Ash Blonde #60
    As low as €23.99
  15. Light Grey
    Light Grey
    As low as €28.99
  16. Red Fire
    Red Fire
    As low as €21.99
  17. Ombre Chestnut #T6/16
    Ombre Chestnut #T6/16
    As low as €23.99
  18. Ombre Blond #T8/60
    Ombre Blond #T8/60
    As low as €28.99
  19. Dark Ombre #T2/6
    Dark Ombre #T2/6
    As low as €28.99
  20. Light Brown Ombre #T18/22
  21. Dark Ombre Blonde #T19/613
Grid List

21 Items

Set Descending Direction

Nail Hair Extensions or Pre Bonded Extensions

Chloe’s nail hair extensions (pre bonded extensions) are attached to your natural hair with keratin wax and heat treatment. This attachment method secures that the nail hair extensions are firmly attached to your own hair, even if you are working out or showering. Attach the extensions in very small batches to get the best result. The advantage of pre bonded nail hair extensions is that they have a firm hold and therefore look very natural as they are easily hidden among your own hair. This means of course that they are harder to remove than for example tape and clip-in extensions. With these nail hair extensions it is easy to mix and match different colours. Also it is easy to use them across your head or just add volume where you want, you choose!

For that perfect look we recommend that you choose nail hair extensions in different tones so that you can change colours when attaching them. This method is perfect for you who want both to go to bed and wake up with beautiful and thick hair without having to hassle too much. We recommend that you braid your hair when sleeping or working out to avoid messing up your hair. This will maintain quality and prolong the extensions for you.

How to attach pre bonded nail hair extensions

It is a bit more hassle to attach these extensions but after a while and a little bit of practice the process will go smoothly. So what do you need to attach them? You need off course the hair, protection plates in different sizes, gloves to protect your fingers, heat iron and hair clips to attach the plates. Attach the plate at an appropriate place where you want to start attaching. Take the same amount of hair that the nail tips have and pull it through the holes in the plate. Heat up the keratin tips and attach about a centimeter from from your scalp. Rub the keratin wax with your fingers when attaching to get a firm hold to your own hair and the extension. Remember to use gloves because the wax is hot. Continue the process across your head until you are satisfied with the result.

How to take good care of your nail hair extensions?

Take good care of the extensions so that they remain in good quality for a long time. Keep them clean by washing them 1-2 times per week with shampoo and conditioner specially developed for extensions for maintaining good quality. Brush your hair every morning and before you go to bed. You can read more about taking good care of your extensions here. And remember to enjoy :)

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