How Should I Store My Hair Extensions?

Caring for your extensions is one of the most important things. Good care prolongs the life of the extensions considerably. Care for them well and they will last up to a year - even longer!

Store your extensions in a box, preferably airtight. You can fold the extensions a little as this creates a beautiful, natural wave. This way, you may be able to just clip them on without any styling whatsoever. If you want your extensions to stay straight, however, then we recommend a larger box where the extensions can be stored in their full length.

You can tie up the extensions together gently with an elastic band, for instance. The band keeps the hair together nicely and, additionally, prevents them from tangling.

When you want to use the extensions, take out the elastic band. We recommend brushing the extensions carefully before clipping them on. It is good to brush the extensions individually to make sure there are no tangles and that the hair looks natural. Start brushing the extension from the bottom gently. Then move all the way up carefully. We recommend using a paddle brush for the extensions. A paddle brush is perfect for long hair  and it gently straightens out any tangles, without damaging the hair itself.

We recommend to brush the extensions individually each time before you clip them in and second time all together when they are on. After you take them off and before putting them into the storage box, brush them again - this will keep the extensions tangle free and shiny.

Before putting on the elastic band for storage, hold the extensions in your hand and brush them all together - just to make sure there are no tangles before storing them in the box. It is good to wash the extensions every two weeks. In that case before storing them in the box, give them a gentle wash and let them dry naturally.