Hair Weft Extensions

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Weft Hair Extensions

Chloe’s real human hair wefts or weft extensions as they are called are a natural way of adding that little extra to your look. Weft hair extensions are a good alternative because they give different options for styling and adding volume according to your preferences. Give them a chance and start testing with different combinations.

Attaching weft hair extensions

These extensions have a small weft that is attached to the hair with sewing which makes them thicker and fluffier than clip-in extensions. This makes them more flexible in terms of attaching them in your own hair. They can even be attached by sewing them to small braids. This method is called weaving.

How to take care of weft hair?

Similar to other extension method weft hair extensions should be washed 1-2 times per week. Use shampoo and conditioner developed for extensions to maintain good health and quality longer. Remember to brush them daily, preferably morning and evening before you go to bed. Click here to read more about how to take good care of your extensions!


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