Clip-In Hair Extensions

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  1. Black Night #1
    Black Night #1
    As low as €88.99
  2. Shiny Chestnut #30
    Shiny Chestnut #30
    As low as €102.99
  3. Soft Brown #6
    Soft Brown #6
    As low as €127.99
  4. Soft Auburn #8
    Soft Auburn #8
    As low as €127.99
  5. Scandinavian Blond Mix #p18/60
  6. Summer Blonde Mix #p24/60
  7. Blonde Star #613
    Blonde Star #613
    As low as €88.99
  8. Ash Blonde #60
    Ash Blonde #60
    As low as €88.99
  9. Ombre Chestnut #T6/16
    Ombre Chestnut #T6/16
    As low as €88.99
  10. Ombre Blond #T8/60
    Ombre Blond #T8/60
    As low as €88.99
  11. Dark Ombre #T2/6
    Dark Ombre #T2/6
    As low as €88.99
  12. Light Brown Ombre #T18/22
  13. Dark Ombre Blonde #T19/613
Grid List

13 Items

Set Descending Direction

Clip In Hair Extensions

Chloe’s Clip in Hair extensions are hand sewn of 100% real human hair which makes them blend to your own hair in a natural way. These extensions will give you thick and shiny hair in just minutes. They are easy to attach and will give you a natural look with that little extra on top. Our Clip in sets include 8 wefts in different sizes which make them easy to attach and style dependant of hair length and style

So, the wefts are 20-21” in length and amount to 140 grams of real human hair. Real human hair makes it possible for you to curl, straighten or style in whatever way you want. We recommend though that you take good care of them with protecting products to maintain the quality for a longer time.

Find the right Clip in extension colour

It is very important that you find the right matching colour to get a natural and perfect look. You will find Chloe’s colour chart that helps you find the perfect colour on all our product pages. Generally speaking, we recommend a hair colour that is as close to your own hair colour as possible. If you do not find the right colour instantly, or you are having trouble choosing between two colours, we recommend that you choose the lighter alternative. A lighter colour gives you a more natural look. This will apply for both brunettes as well as for blondes. If you still need help choosing your colour, you can always send a picture of your hair to our customer service. We will be more than happy to help you!

How to take care of your Clip in extensions

We recommend that you take care of your extensions as you would of your own hair. This will prolong the lifetime and quality of the extensions. Keep the hair clean, and remember to use right products for conditioning and so forth. The most important product to maintain health is to use heat protecting spray when you curl and blow dry your hair. Remember also to brush the hair before and after use. A final tip is to braid the hair when you do not use it. For more tips and tricks visit Chloe´s hair tutorial!

Chloe’s Hair Inspiration

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